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            UNI-D  electric actuator
            1. The UM series is modulating controller. It is suitable for UMS  to UM-12

            2. UM series Electric Actuator, the torque range from 150kgf/cm  to  35000kgf/cm

            3. The UM series provide proportion control

            4. IP67 waterproof and dustproof enclosure.

            5. All UM series provide thermal protector.

            6. All series have position indication

            7. Power Requirement:110VAC-120VAC  220VAC-250VAC  24VDC or  other special voltage

            8. UM-3-1 to UM-12 provide manual device at the side part. During  the power shutdown, such manual shaft. Can be used to proceed with the switch  action. And UM-1 to UM-6 provide direct mounting on ISO5211 Valve.

            9. upport constant  temperature control.


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