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            [Linear Valve Actuators 100mm to 1100mm]
            [2500 Series 316 Stainless Steel Cylinders]
            [VDMA/ISO Power Cylinders]

            Linear Valve Actuators

            Linear Valve Actuators 100mm to 1100mm

            General Description

            All Steel Range of Large
            Bore Linear Valve Actuators (LVA) Series

            Operating Fluids

            Compressed air
            Filtered and lubricated or non lubricated up to 12 bar (174 psi).
            ISO VG32 or ISO VG37 mineral oil is
            recommended for use in lubricated systems.

            Technical Data

            Ambient Temperature Operating Range-20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F)Operating Pressure12 bar (174 psi) MaximumPortsBSP (NPT)ActionSpring Return & Double Acting CylindersLubricationPre-Greased for Long Life

            Construction Materials

            Piston Rod and Tie RodsStainless SteelPiston/End Covers/BarrelCarbon SteelCylinder FinishStandard - Epoxy Black, or to customers specification.Piston SealNitrile Rubber Rod and Piston BearingsFilled PTFEWiper / Rod SealPolyurethane


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