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            + Standard suction cups
            + Special suction cups
            + Modular vacuum generators
            + Small vacuum generators
            + Ecological air Vacuum generators
            + High flow vacuum generators
            + Stainless steel vacuum generators
            + Vacuum switches-Pressure switches
            + Peripheral components
            + Suction cup accessories
            + Standard suction cup inserts
            + Venturi accessories
            + system components
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            Flat  suction cups, series VP 

            The VP series flat suction cups are especially  recommended for the handling of flat, rigid and smooth objects.

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            Extra-flat  suction cups, series VPG 

            The profile of extra-flat suction cups in  series VPG provides for accuracy in load gripping and speeding up of cycles  rates. These suction cups are used for flat surfaces only.

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            Bellows  type suction cups 1.5, series VSA 

            The bellows type suction cups in series VSA  combine the advantages of flat suction cups( accuracy, positioning at stop) and  the freedom offered by bellows (angle and flexibility). They offer flexibility,  precision and small inside volume suitable for rapid cycles.

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            Bellow type  suction cups 2.5, series VS 

            The bellow type suction cups in series VS are recommended for the  gripping of products on various planes (large deflection), as a replacement for  spring systems, and spherical or cylindrical items gripped at an angle (ball  joint effect).

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