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              MC2The      CONVUM mounted with a miniature solenoid valve features their plastic      housing of the body.
                               You can select a variety of sensors for mounting on      the miniature, lightweight CONVUM.This allows you to find its application      in various areas.
                               The MC2 is mountable with the sensor MVS-201with      solenoid valve control function
                               Up to eight manifolds are available.
                               You can also select air-operated type of convum


              MC3Small,      light weight CONVUM
                               The CONVUM mounted with filter and generation      control solenoid valve are also available.
                               The high speed CONVUM can be mounted directly on      chip mountersand testers.
                               Up to eight manifolds are available.


              MC410mm thickness CONVUM
                               MC4 with 1/2 small and light(56kgs) vs. conventional      model can be mounted directrly on moving head of chip mounters and testers      .
                               You can select ejectors or switching valve systems      by applying with MPV4
                               Up to five manifolds are available.


              MC5High      speed surface monuting can be actualized.
                               Single unit, compact and 70g ultra light weight.
                               Robot cables are applied to power supply for      pressure sensors by mounting on chip mounters/bonder heads movable.
                               30 msec response speed can be realized. Attaining up      to 80 kpa with an air tube of (,,4x,,2.5x800mm) by using 10HS nozzle
                               Up to eight manifolds are available.


              MCAThe      extremely lightweight CONVUM are now available for your application with      their housings of the body made of plastics.
                               You can install the CONVUM on pipes.
                               The threaded type of CONVUM can be directly mounted      on fittings of pads.



             CVBasic      type CONVUM
                               Simple construction without moving parts assures      long lives.
                               With chemical-resistant or fume-resistant materials      available for the main unit, the CONVUM can be used in various      environments.
                               Mechanical Vacuum switch type is available


              CVAWith      various functions provided independently, you can choose and combine      required components so that a variety of specifications can be satisfied.
                               With vacuum generation control solenoid valve mounted,      simple control is available.


              CVFThe      filter-integrated CONVUM
                             The CONVUM mounted with vacuum generation control      solenoid valve are also available.


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